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Meet the Team

Dr. Ryan Copleston, D.C.


When he’s not in the Clinic adjusting patients you’ll find him running up and down the mountains of Scotland. He moved to Wishaw in September 2017 after completing his studies at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth, which is also the place he calls his hometown. Growing up the son of a rugby coach, he quickly got involved in the game at a young age and played competitively up until he moved to Scotland. years which include; being a competitive Power-Lifter and gaining GBR records, coaching Crossfit and being a personal trainer.

His interest in human health and performance started off for his own personal gain, but after seeing some of his closest friends and family suffer from various physical ailments his focus turned to helping others with the knowledge he gained.

He chose a career in Chiropractic as a means of improving and maintaining the health of not only himself, but those who chose to incorporate chiropractic care into their lives.

“If only more people understood the adaptability and resilience of the human body, they’d be empowered to make the changes to improve their health and well-being”.

As well as being a chiropractor, he also operates wellness programs online and within the office. His most notable experiences since becoming a chiropractor include; volunteering in India, and adjusting the homeless on Christmas Day.

Dr. Oliver Samson, D.C.


Ollie has always had a passion for fitness, health and wellness. He played rugby throughout his time at school and university. And it was through a number of contact sport related injuries, he first experienced the benefits of chiropractic care. He is adamant that it was treatment he received which enabled him to return to the pitch so quickly and keep him playing at his best.

During his time at university down in Bournemouth Ollie developed a passion for the rehabilitation side of chiropractic. However this was more of out of necessity after rupturing a number of ligaments in his knee during a game. He was given two choices, sit out the rest of the season and focus on intense rehab or surgery. Striving to avoid surgery and after seeking advice from a few of the tutors at college, he was committed to getting back to match fitness as soon as possible. Whilst recovering, it gave him a chance to enhance his knowledge of functional fitness and biomechanic performance, all the while, frequently getting adjusted to ensure maximum recovery. He also had a chance to explore other interests such as hiking and running which he continues to enjoy up in Scotland.

Ollie is passionate about chiropractic and that care has the potential to improve the quality of life of people of all ages, situation and circumstance. Through treating the person and not only the diagnosis, he believes everyone has the ability to heal and achieve their individual goals, no matter how small or great.

Ollie graduated from AECC (Anglo-European College of Chiropractic) in Bournemouth with a masters in Chiropractic. He is registered with the General Chiropractic Council and the Scottish Chiropractic Association.

Dr. Max Nolan, D.C.


Another member of the team who has made the move up north is Max. Born and raised in Oxford, Max has always enjoyed an active lifestyle, sparking his interest in human health and wellbeing.

Max was first exposed to the world of chiropractic after seeing the results it had for his parent’s health. This led to Max incorporating chiropractic into his own life, aiding in his rehabilitation and recovery from various sporting injuries.

“The human body is an incredible self-regulator & self-healer. Chiropractic is about assisting the body in this process and maintaining these positive changes made to your health and well-being, optimising what your body can achieve.”

Graduating from AECC with a Master’s in Chiropractic, Max is registered with the Scottish Chiropractic Association and the General Chiropractic Council.

Rebecca Forrester

Sports Therapist

Rebecca was able to see first hand the results chiropractic care can have when she attended the clinic following back problems whilst studying dance full time. Despite doctors advising that she wouldn’t be able to complete her course, regular adjustments allowed her to complete her HND. Seeing how sports therapy and chiropractic care can go hand in hand Rebecca developed a keen interest for injury rehabilitation which is what led her to then go on and study an HND in Sports Therapy which she qualified in, in June 2021.

Out with the clinic Rebecca is an assistant dance teacher at a local dance school and still dances in the senior class. As well as dancing in her spare time she also regularly attends the gym focusing mainly on resistance training.

Jennifer Cutler

Area Manager

Jennifer is one of the few team members who was born and raised locally. She has been working within the company since May 2011. Starting as a chiropractic assistant she has gradually progressed her way up to her current management role.

She was first introduced to Chiropractic when her mother suffered from severe back pain and she saw first hand how this benefited and transformed her mother’s health and wellbeing. This is when she realised this was the place for her and her knowledge and interest has grown from there.

Jennifer has enjoyed watching the company grow from strength to strength. She is a familiar face in all the clinics. She loves working with the public and finds her job very rewarding. She especially enjoys watching patient’s health transform with daily first hand experience. She enjoys being a friend to many patients and helping support and encourage the patients to achieve their health goals.

Her hobbies include keeping fit and attending the gym regularly. She enjoys spending quality time with her son and socialising with family and friends.

Alex Murphy

Clinic Manager

After finding her role within Wishaw chiropractic as chiropractic assistant 3 years ago she as gained a wealth of knowledge and developed a passion for the profession.

Educated locally at Clyde Valley High School she then moved onto further Education at University of West of Scotland.

As first port of call she welcomes everyone with a bright warm smile and compassion to guide them along their chiropractic journey.

Alex brings enthusiasm, professionalism and excellent communication skills to the team.

Health and fitness being an integral part of Alex’s life she embodies the holistic approach chiropractic care incorporates. Out with work, she enjoys travelling the world, learning about different cultures. When she isn’t in another country you will find her spending quality time with family and friends. She is very outgoing and loves to serve and take care of others, which is why she loves her job.

Lauren Hamilton

Chiropractic Assistant

Lauren joined our team as a chiropractic assistant in August 2020 and works at both our Wishaw and Motherwell clinics.

Having regular adjustments herself, Lauren is thrilled with the results she has had. This has led her to want to work within the profession and since working in the clinic, would like to study chiropractic further.

Lauren is currently studying full-time at college and in her spare time out with college/work she enjoys keeping fit by going to the gym, out walking and practicing yoga.

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