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Meet the Team

Dr. Ryan Copleston, D.C.


When he’s not in the Clinic adjusting patients you’ll find him running up and down the mountains of Scotland. He moved to Wishaw in September 2017 after completing his studies at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth, which is also the place he calls his hometown. Growing up the son of a rugby coach, he quickly got involved in the game at a young age and played competitively up until he moved to Scotland. years which include; being a competitive Power-Lifter and gaining GBR records, coaching Crossfit and being a personal trainer.

His interest in human health and performance started off for his own personal gain, but after seeing some of his closest friends and family suffer from various physical ailments his focus turned to helping others with the knowledge he gained.

He chose a career in Chiropractic as a means of improving and maintaining the health of not only himself, but those who chose to incorporate chiropractic care into their lives.

“If only more people understood the adaptability and resilience of the human body, they’d be empowered to make the changes to improve their health and well-being”.

As well as being a chiropractor, he also operates wellness programs online and within the office. His most notable experiences since becoming a chiropractor include; volunteering in India, and adjusting the homeless on Christmas Day.

Dominic Green

Sports Therapist

Dominic Green

Dom lives in Motherwell and has been a therapist in the Wishaw Chiropractic for 4 years and has recently moved and joined the team at Maple Chiropractic.

He works on a part time basis at Maple Chiropractic and also works as a Firefighter.

He previously played professionally for Motherwell FC where he suffered a injury to his lower back resulting in a herniation to 2 lumbar discs which lead him into his interest and passion for Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation.

He studied at City Of Glasgow College where he achieved his HND in Sports Therapy and has been part of the team since.

When he is not working, he enjoys working out, watching/taking part in football and socialising with family and friends.

He looks forward to seeing you in the clinic to help you on your road to recovery and living a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Samantha Clark

Chiropractic Assistant

Samantha who originally comes from Wishaw herself has just recently joined the Team working in our Motherwell Clinic. She was first introduced to Chiropractic care when she had a sore back and was seen at the Wishaw Clinic and after getting the results that she wanted this is when she knew it was something that she would like to get to know more about. After starting with Wishaw Chiropractic in November her knowledge and understanding is progressing. Samantha enjoys spending time with her family, socialising and going to the gym in her spare time.

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